“I have known Kajsa for several years and I know she has always been very interested in health, well-being and fitness. When she told me she was starting her own business in nutritional counseling it felt like the natural choice for her. I am very well aware of what I should eat and how I should exercise to feel good, so when Kajsa was going to do an evaluation of my eating habits I was very excited about what conclusions she would come to. Since I live on the Åland islands, we had e-mail contact where Kajsa explained how the evaluation is done. First of all I took notes of everything I ate during a week. It is important to be honest with yourself and not forget about those snacks that tends to “slip down” between meals. I thought the easiest way was to make a note every time I had something to eat. During this week, whenever I had questions Kajsa responded quickly with competent, practical and thorough answers. All my notes taken during the week was sent to Kajsa and we booked an appointment a week or so after when she presented the results of her evaluation. This appointment was done via Skype. In my case there were mostly small details to think about; larger intake of vitamin D, iron and good fats. I should also eat more vegetables. Kajsa has a deep knowledge and a genuine interest in health and well-being and she can explain even more complicated relationships between food, fitness and well-being in a very educational way that is easy to understand. She “practices what she preaches” and I know that when I follow her advice, I feel good!”

Marie-Louise, Åland islands

“Kajsa first asked me to do a food journal. This scared me, since now I had to pay attention to what I eat? For a whole week? No. She said be as honest as you can, and we’ll work out the results together! So we did. Kajsa had some wonderful advice, packaged in a professional report accompanied by a professional – but still fun – meeting. She puts her own sense of humour to work! What I took away is that my age category is the one where I have to start paying attention, because if I make the wrong choices now, the effects will show later on. She picked up on the fact that I go long periods in the day without eating, and the importance of keeping a balanced blood sugar level. Eating more greens and oily fish was a no-brainer but she also put the required quantities exactly. And I loved the fact that berries are a super food, and need to be consumed often – truly Nordic!”

Anna, Brussels

“Kajsa asked me to keep a food journal for one week. That was already itself a learning experience as I became aware of all I eat in a day and also what might be wrong, too much, or unhealthy… After that, I met with Kajsa again. She gave me a detailed analysis of the way I ate during the week. We talked about my (good and bad) habits, where I had had too low or high intakes, which food supplements I might need to start taking, etc. In other words, you understand how you are depriving your body from what it needs and what small daily things you can integrate to your diet to make you stronger. Kajsa answered all my questions regarding my daily diet. She increased my awareness of what I should start eating more of and about changes that can be made rather easily. You realise it is not complicated and that it doesn’t even require a great deal of effort. Only that it is worth it!”

Marie, Brussels


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