Extended offer

This offer has been extended to 15 January 2017!


Personalised Diet and Training Program – 3 hours Diet & Training Consultation and 2 hours PT

Personalised Diet Program

The Personalised Diet Program consists of two sessions; one 60 min initial consultation where we discuss your diet, lifestyle, health concerns and health goals and one 90 min follow-up session to go through the results and recommendations.

The Personalised Diet Program includes:

  • Two sessions; one of 60 min and one of 90 min, in person in the gym
  • 7 day food journal
  • A summary report of your diet and nutrition analysis
  • Personalised diet and supplement plan

Personalised Training Program

The Personalised Training Program consists of two personal training sessions. The first one is a 90 min initial consultation where we discuss your training, your training goals and perform a personal training session in the gym. The second session is a 60 min session to perform your Personalised Training Program in the gym. Your Personalised Training Program is developed based on the input of the first session and the Personalised Diet Program.

Optional: You can perform a selection of fitness tests during the first session to get a picture of your current fitness level and a tool to measure progress.  The fitness tests include tests measuring aerobic fitness, muscular strength, flexibility and balance. You can do all tests or chose the test(s) relevant for your training goals.

The Personalised Training Program includes:

  • Two personal training sessions; one of 90 min and one of 60 min, in person in the gym
  • Personalised Training Program including professional training advice
  • Optional: Fitness tests and a summary report with the results of the performed tests

For questions and bookings, please fill in the contact form or email:

Kajsa: kajsa.uusitalo@gmail.com

Anna: anna.ryden@outlook.com



Kajsa Uusitalo


Anna Rydén


Christmas markets in Cologne & Aachen


Christmas markets are one of my favourite things this time of the year. I had heard nice things about the Christmas markets in Cologne and Aachen, and since my in-laws were here last weekend we decided to go for a road trip.

In Cologne we started with the smaller market “Markt der Engel” on Neumarkt. A perfectly nice Christmas market, but we quickly forgot about it after seeing the bigger market at “Heimat der Heinzel” on Heumarkt . It was just spectacular! Especially in the evening when all the lights were on. We wandered around the small booths, tried some mulled wine and admired the Christmas decorations and the ice skating rink. It wasn’t too crowded despite it being a Friday evening.

We rented an apartment through Airbnb and it might have been the coldest place I’ve spent the night in. Including a tent in the middle of the forest in Finland. In February. Good thing I had packed my pyjama and cashmere bed socks. Yes, I get cold easily despite being used to cold winters.

We had decided to stop in Aachen on our way back to Brussels. We started with a big breakfast at Bagels & Beans (I love their gluten free bagels!) before exploring the old town and its Christmas market. Aachen was just as festively decorated as Cologne, but it was simply too many people. Once we tried to cross the market aisle, but it was impossible. What we did instead? Oh, I spent a lovely afternoon with my mother-in-law, picking out Christmas tree decorations at Galeria Kaufhof, shopping and having coffee while the fiancé and my father-in-law visited Centre Charlemagne. Perfect planning.