Frank & Brut Antwerp


Last Saturday I tried a new restaurant in Antwerp called Frank & Brut. During the day the place is open for breakfast and lunch, and is then called Frank’s Deli. You can choose between omelets, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, wraps and soups. When it’s time for dinner the place changes to Frank & Brut, a place for gourmet hot dogs accompanied by champagne.


The interior feels trendy with its marble, brass, mirrors and copper lampshades. The theme is the seven deadly sins and for every sin there’s a hot dog. I chose Sloth with Frankfurter sausage, sauerkraut, smoked onion chutney, crispy bacon and onion, and spicy mustard. The fiancé opted for Gluttony with merguez sausage, pork belly, guacamole, lime, sour cream, corn and jalapeno coriander mayo. Accompanied by Avaritia; char-grilled pork belly, fried chickpeas, pickled radish, herbed yogurt dip. And mac and cheese as a side dish for the very hungry fiancé. We rounded up the dinner with a lovely selection of sweets and fruit, aptly called Heavenly Virtues. The food was seriously delicious and our waitress was just the sweetest! I also liked the fact that you can get gluten free hot dogs and vegetarian alternatives!

This is a place we’ll come back to! Soon!


Frank & Brut
Ernest van Dijckkaai 19
2000 Antwerp
tel. +32 (0)3 502 83 93


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