Q & A with esthetician Karolina Wendelin


I love working out in the morning. Not only is it the best way to start the day, but I don’t have to deal with fixing my hair or makeup at the crack of dawn. Sometimes, however, I don’t get the chance to exercise first thing in the morning, and I have to head to the gym after I’ve already gotten ready for the day. That often means I have full makeup and “done” hair.

Luckily, there are makeup and skincare options that are OK to wear while you’re exercising. Karolina Wendelin, co-owner of Care and Beauty in Uppsala, Sweden, gives the low-down on the stuff that will stay on—and won’t make you break out.

Q&A with Karolina Wendelin:

  1. What kind of makeup should I use during a workout? Mineral makeup from brands like Mineral Essence, bareMinerals and Jane Iredale won’t clog your pores and are suitable to use during a workout.
  2. What does wearing makeup during a workout do to your skin? Sweat mixed with normal makeup can clog pores and cause your skin to break out. Therefore I recommend using mineral makeup.
  3. What is the thing to remember when exercising outdoors? Summertime a high quality sunscreen is a must. Make sure you use a non-comedogenic sunscreen, that won’t clog your pores. To cover both your sun protection requirements and uneven skin tones, or blemishes, I recommend using a tinted sunscreen formula. During autumn and winter the skin struggles with the constant switch from dry, central heating to cold, blustery and wet weather. Use skin care products that protects the skin’s barrier and calms down stressed, thirsty winter skin.
  4. What to do when you get raccoon eyes from sweating? Switch to waterproof mascara! Many of my clients swear by Sensai 38°C.
  5. Is there anything I can do to prevent a red face after exercising? Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can prevent redness, but I recommend that you start using anti-redness moisturizers. The subtle green color-neutralizers in them will counteract and diminish red skin tone. Cover remaining blotchiness with mineral makeup. The optical diffusers in them will help visually color-correct redness for a more even-toned complexion.
  6. What should I use if I need a touch-up session before leaving the gym and don’t have time to wash my face and re-apply my makeup? I strongly recommend washing your face after a workout! If you leave makeup on after a workout you risk getting clogged pores and breakouts. Use makeup remover wipes after your workout to wipe off sweat, dirt, and any other impurities that may have accumulated on your face. The wipes are excellent because you can keep your eye makeup and just redo the foundation and blush. This way you’ll save some time and make sure your skin stays happy and healthy.
  7. What’s your take on using primer before a workout? Primers are a hot topic at the moment. Some say that cyclopentasiloxane used in primers and other skin care products aren’t beneficial for the skin. Personally, I don’t see this as a problem. Especially after the SCCS* stated them as safe to use. I think it’s worth spending a bit more money on a really good primer. My favourite is one from ZO Skin Health.
  8. Do you recommend using a tinted moisturizer? What’s great about a tinted moisturizer is that it’s three products in one: foundation, concealer, and face lotion. And, many tinted moisturizers also offer SPF protection. You’ll be in and out of the gym quickly.
  9. What’s your take on dry shampoo? On the days I find myself short on time, I reach for a bottle of dry shampoo, which is great for refreshing hair. If you’re a brunette opt for a coloured dry shampoo!

* European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety


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