Q&A with personal trainer Georges West


I made a short interview with one of my favourite personal trainers, Georges West. With a degree in psychology and certifications in personal training, health coaching, Crossfit, TRX, Pre & Post Natal Exercise, TriggerPoint and Myofascial Compression Technique plus ongoing studies to become a Youth Exercise Specialist he’s got expertise that goes far beyond the gym. Georges has been a personal trainer for 5 years and he’s training most of his clients at World Class Fitness Center in Brussels.

I asked him a few questions and received very informative answers that I think you’ll find helpful. Read and get inspired.

Q&A with Georges West:

  1. When you first meet a new client, where do you begin? I begin by discussing the client’s needs, abilities and desired results. We talk about their lifestyle, health issues, medical background, level of stress and current diet. From that point I’ll act as a personal trainer (set up a specific program with goals and deadline) or health coach (set up a general workout program with tools to improve the client’s everyday life).
  2. What do you suggest in terms of a workout routine for the average person (who isn’t trying to get the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’, but still wants to look good)? I recommend a workout routine including functional circuit training in order to burn calories and achieve a toned, sculpted body. High intensity training is a very efficient way to work out and get your cardio in. I recommend a minimum of three workouts a week, but this would of course depend on your lifestyle and what workout program we’d choose for you. I’ll also suggest dietary adjustments based on your goals and lifestyle.
  3. How do you feel about the gluten-free craze? I’m not a big believer in diet and workout trends. Before you jump on a new diet, like the gluten-free diet, you should always check if it’s suitable for you. The danger of self-diagnosing and taking gluten out of your diet prematurely is that you would never be able to get an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms.
  4. Do you put your clients on a no-sugar, no-carb diet? I work together with my clients to find a healthy lifestyle and not strive for short term effects. I’d never recommend a client to go this extreme, unless there’s a specific goal, like a fitness competition, coming up. If a special diet is requested, I always get in touch with a nutritionist in order to match the workout to the diet plan.
  5. Do you allow your clients to have an occasional glass or two of wine? Do you think it’s really that damaging to one’s fitness? It all depends on your goals and how fast you want to reach them. If you want to see changes fast you need to put more effort into your diet, and perhaps cut down on alcohol.
  6. What is the biggest mistake that people make when trying to live a healthy lifestyle? I’ve seen too many people jump into a new routine with great intentions, too fast, setting a pace that’s unrealistic. And as a result, they can’t keep it up. Before you walk into the gym, establish what you want to achieve for the day. The more planning and detail you put into preparing your workout prior to entering the gym, the easier it is to stick to and maximize your time.
  7. What should one do when the motivation to workout isn’t there? The best thing is to change up your training. If you are stuck with one or two workout plans you’ll become bored. After about 5-6 weeks we normally hit a plateau and that’s the time to change the workout routine.
  8. What is your number one health tip? Have fun and enjoy what you’re doing! Do the things that make you happy!
  9. I would never go a day without including these things in my diet… Oatmeal! It’s my thing! Come to think of it I couldn’t go without nuts and seeds either…
  10. No matter what, I would never eat… I eat everything! When I was a teenager I had a bad diet with a lot of junk food. When I started playing soccer I had to shape up and nowadays I eat a healthy diet.
  11. The one celebrity I’d love to workout with is… The famous trainer “Coach Dos”, Robert dos Remedios! If I’d choose a Hollywood celebrity I’d go for Scarlett Johansson or Will Smith. Movie stars always have to get leaner, fitter or gain muscle quickly. It’d be interesting to see how they get in shape for a movie role.
  12. My guilty pleasure is… Hamburgers! I just love them!

Georges is available for personal training sessions all year round, and if you’re interested in bootcamp training you should definitely check if there’s a place left in his popular classes!

e-mail: west.innerstrength@gmail.com
tel. 0499 93 0030

Georges 2

Photos: Caroline KJällander


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