8 tips for working out in the morning


It’s already one hour since I came back from the gym. My goal was to be done with my workout, shower and makeup before 9am. After this my workday begins and other things has to be prioritised.

I’m a huge believer in morning workouts since exercise in the morning provides a wide range of benefits that offer physical and mental gratification. I know that working out in the mornings isn’t for everyone, and that not everyone has the possibility or time for it. But for the ones of you that actually can, but just won’t since you’re a bit too attached to that snooze button or the warm and cozy covers – here’s 8 tips to learn how to tackle exercise first thing in the morning!

  1. Don’t stress – you can still snooze! I’m a big fan of the snooze button and couldn’t live without it. If I’m heading to the gym at 07.30 I put my alarm one hour before. That gives me time to snooze a bit and still have enough time to get ready for my workout.
  2. Set everything up the night before. I always set out a sports bra, top and tights before I go to bed and have my sneakers and water bottle in the gym bag. That way I can crawl out of bed and put my gym clothes on straight away. Before I got this into a routine I felt that sometimes the extra 10 minutes it took to find my gym clothes and get dressed was the difference between going to the gym or ditching it.
  3. Plan your pre-workout meal and drinks. If you find that you have more energy eating something before your morning workout, planning your pre-workout meal the night before helps. Eating a small to medium sized meal may provide energy for your workout without the bloated feeling that comes with larger meals that can affect performance. If you don’t feel like having breakfast before working out take at least the time to have something to drink, a coffee, juice or water.
  4. Commit to a short workout. You actually only need to work out effectively for 20-30 minutes for an energy and metabolism boost that’ll stay with you the whole day. If I feel tired at the start of my workout I convince myself to put in just 20 minutes instead, and when I’ve started I usually continue for longer.
  5. Work out close to your home. If your gym is far away from where you live, it can be hard to motivate yourself to a morning workout session. My advise would be to work out at home or in your neighbourhood. Outdoor running or bicycling is a great warmup, otherwise there’s tons of videos on Youtube that you can use. An other thing that I recommend is to get an exercise ball, jump rope, kettlebells, barbells and other equipment that you can use to get your pulse up and break a sweat.
  6. Make it habitual. Don’t think of morning workouts as forever, which will be too daunting a challenge for reformed night owls. Just find a way to get up a few days in a row. The more you work out in the morning, the more you’ll get used to it. Schedule your morning workouts in the beginning of the week and stick to them.
  7. Look at it as a reward. Enjoy your favourite series or podcasts while jogging, cycling or during some other form of warm up. Time will literally fly by, and you’ll look forward to your next workout. Choose series or podcasts that you’re only allowed when working out.
  8. Schedule sessions with a friend. Having a workout buddy can help with consistency. A pre-arranged workout time with a friend will force you out of bed and take the option of “going back to sleep” out of the equation completely. You can also ask your friend to tag you on Facebook or Instagram the night before, or in the morning, saying “See you for morning workout”. This way you’ll be held to your workout by the whole Internet. And you know you can’t let down the Internet!

Get motivated for that morning routine! 


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