Toucan 4

Last weekend I had a great excuse to visit one of my favorite restaurants in Brussels. We had family over from Åland and since they love seafood as much as I do, we headed towards Toucan-sur-Mer. This famous seafood restaurant is located at Avenue Louise Lepoutre, close to Place Brugmann.

At Toucan-sur-Mer you’ll find a large selection of dishes to suit all tastes, everything from cooked fish to fresh shellfish and delicious seafood platters. The food is always fresh and very well prepared and presented. The restaurant has a modern French atmosphere and the service is usually professional and quick.

toucan 5

Since the restaurant is quite small, with only thirty dining places inside, I recommend booking a table in advance.

Next doors to Toucan-sur-Mer you’ll find Brasserie Toucan. The brasserie serves excellent food, but there you’ll find mainly traditional Belgian dishes on the menu.

Avenue Louis Lepoutre 17
1050 Bruxelles
tel: +32 (0)2 340 07 40


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