Stop the nightly scavenge


Prego Amy.tif

Did you know that we’re more likely to crave sweet, salty and starchy food after 8pm? According to a study in the journal Obesity this could be linked to a prehistoric need to survive famines since our bodies store more fat when we eat late in the evenings.

It’s smart to make the last meal of the day contain relatively few carbs. The fewer hours between the last meal of the day and bedtime, the more important this becomes. The main reason is that your muscles are inactive during the night and the body goes into a state of relaxation. This means that the last meal of the day tends to raise the blood sugar more than earlier meals, even if they’re nutritionally identical. The tricky part is that the raised blood sugar also lowers the level of growth hormone, which is vital to burning fat.

To avoid higher fat storage I’d therefore recommend eating fewer carbs during the evening if your goal is to maintain or loose weight. If you’re craving an evening snack aim for protein-rich snacks with goods fats.


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