Kokuban, delicious Japanese food


My favorite Japanese restaurant in Brussels is Kokuban. The restaurant is located in the Vleurgat area, on a small side-street next to the mini Delhaize at the corner of Avenue Louise.

The interior at Kokuban is minimalist in style, with big wooden tables, simple stools, soft lighting and big blackboards.


There’s no sushi at Kokuban. You’ll find a selection of small dishes in the menu such as seaweed salad, edamame and gyoza. The main dishes include ramen, soba or udon noodles, rice bowls and salads. And not to forget Japanese beverages and desserts.

Tonight we started with a bowl of seaweed salad and delicious Japanese dumplings, gyoza. As for the mains, I chose the mi-cuit tuna salad and the fiancé the gyudon, a beef and onion mixture over rice.



Since we had an anniversary to celebrate we finished the dinner off with dessert. Kokuban serve my favorite mochi ice cream, yukimi-daifuku. I’ve been thinking of trying the kurogama-daifuku, mochi stuffed with sweetened red bean paste instead of ice cream but no, I’m sticking to the mochi ice cream!

Mochi 2

One thing to keep in mind when coming to Kokuban is that the place is very popular with the neighborhood locals and it’s not possible to book a table. You might have to queu for a while, but if you ask me it’s totally worth it!

Rue Vilain XIIII, 53-55
1000 Brussels
tel: +32 (0)2 611 06 22


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